Good News for Jesse James Hollywood, Death Row Inmate Ryan Hoyt

Posted: July 1, 2008 in criminal, death penalty, Jesse James Hollywood, life, Stolen Boy
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Ryan HoytAll you death penalty junkies out there just might find the news disheartening. But there it is in today’s black and white: California’s death penalty machinery is a failed system, deemed “close to collapse.”

The report, by the California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice, concluded that California’s administration of the death penalty would require massive new state spending or changes in sentencing laws to end decades of delay and dysfunction.

The commission’s findings grew out of the first comprehensive look at the state’s death penalty in the 30 years since capital punishment was restored in California.

Created by the state Senate to recommend improvements in the criminal justice system, the commission included defense lawyers, victims’ advocates, prosecutors and police.

The commission unanimously concluded that nearly $100 million in additional spending is needed for reform. Not surprisingly, however, there were also disagreements.

Five law enforcement commissioners complained that the majority was “seeking to undermine public confidence” in the death penalty and that the report “unmistakenly reveals a personal bias” against capital punishment.

Which says one very important thing. These five police commissioners stand alone in their opposition to the majority. The public sentiment against allowing the state to kill convicted felons is sweltering. People want to see change within the governing body when it comes to how they dictate what will happen to those of us who are convicted of homicide-related felonies.

This indeed is good news for the families of young men like Ryan Hoyt who’s on California’s death row. And also for the likes of Jesse James Hollywood, who is battling to stay away from the death penalty.

The best news yet is that eight of the commissioners signed off on their own separate report, which called for abolition of capital punishment all together. The system does not work. It is a drain on our tax dollars. It is a drain on our human psyches. It is a drain on our spiritual connection to the grace that lies within each and every living cell on this planet.

Four of the wiser commissioners signed a statement saying “the time may be right” for a ballot measure to end the death penalty and alternately proposed limiting capital offenses to less than 10% of first-degree murders.

Yet, if you believe in polls, Californians have supported death by government by a margin of 2 to 1 and have repeatedly voted to toughen sentencing laws. Laws that are being used by the state to tighten the noose around our civil necks. Measures of social control that we are scared into passing by vote. Due to our fears. Unfounded fears manifested and irritated by the media and those who would want to control us.

Justice for all can be found without killing again. And we can change the world in which we live in the process. These two ideas are not mutually exclusive. When we collectively learn how precious all life is, we will respect all others, convicted or not, with greater sincerity. This respect will come back to us in the form of a mutual appreciation for our true natures as compassionate human beings and shepherds for those who need our help. This will make life much safer and happier for everyone in return.


  1. Richard Pranin says:

    I strogly believe in the Death Penalty. I dont see capital Punshment as being Cruel. Look at what these Individuals did to there victims and how they Murdered them in a slow painfull manner. Leathal injection is far more kind then the manner that people like Ryan Holt and Jesse James gave to there Victim.

    I have No problem paying more in tax’s to remove these evil individuals from Society And the only way I would change my views is if prisons were changed from socal clubs with wieght rooms T.V’s and turned into Chain gangs and Hard Labor camps but leftist liberals think this is inhuman.

    How about what these individuals did to there victims? Remember the DC sniper, Ted Bundy, the Night Stalker did thet treat there victims any better?

    How is it that Liberals are against the Death penalty for criminals that have murdered a Person in cold Blood. Yet are all for Abortion and killing a baby that hasn’t done harm to anyone. Now Myself I am for Abortions and a womans right to choose but I am also for the Death Penalty and faster executions I am tied of us wasting time and money with all these lengthy appeal processes that is the true waste. I would like to see us move back to firing squads and the electric chair these people are animals and deserve to be executed like animals.

  2. Stolen Boy says:

    This really isn’t an issue about liberals or conservatives. It’s about life and death. It’s about who we are. And who are we? A bunch of creatures that perpetuate death and destruction in our lives and around us by preaching death and destruction in our daily existence.

    Or do we want to make change? Build a different, more compassionate reality around us. I sure do. And to do that shouldn’t we change our energies? Justice can be found without committing more state-sanctioned murder. Let’s let life itself take it’s course on these demonic individuals and put our energies into life. And love. And compassion. And tolerance. And forgiveness…

  3. […] Good News for Jesse James Hollywood, Death Row Inmate Ryan Hoyt The best news yet is that eight of the commissioners signed off on their own separate report, which called for abolition of capital punishment all together. The system does not work. It is a drain on our tax dollars. … […]

  4. Brandon Jimenez says:

    In my opinion those that kill another person should be placed on death row. “An eye for an eye” Code of Hammurabi. How will placing them in prison change them? It wont.

    I see how your against killing and the death penalty, but why should they get another chance at life? Do their victims get another chance? No.

  5. Stolen Boy says:

    But what if someone comes after me with a knife, and I kill them in self-defense? Should I be on death row? Or what if they’re hurting my wife? Or my five-year-old daughter, and I kill them? Should I die for this?

    Should all those young American soldiers who fight under the name of our flag and kill human beings in the name of our freedom also face death for their deeds? What does it make us, as human beings, to wish death upon another, especially if we’ve never met this other person?

    It is easy to wish death upon so many for so many things, but where does it get us as a race? Are we better off by killing those we deem socially or morally corrupt? It doesn’t make me feel any better to hear about any death to any one or thing. Does it really make you feel better?

  6. Brandon Jimenez says:

    I believe if your life and/or your family’s is threatened in any way you have a right to self-defense, whether or not the man is killed. The man made the decision of coming at you not knowing if your unarmed or carry a .44 around with you.

    As for the armed forces if they kill a man it is for the protection of their country, not a drug debt. I feel that if you kill a man for the protection of someone or it is your patriotic duty then you shouldn’t be punished.

    Which brings me to killing for fun or over a debt. Those killers out there that kill because they hold a grudge or kill for whatever reason should be punished to the fullest. What gave them the right to kill?

  7. Stolen Boy says:

    Nothing gave them the right to kill. They should be punished. But justice can take place without murdering them too.

    Do you really believe that life will not reward them for their misdeeds? No one goes unpunished in life. Especially those who are condemned to the hard labors of prison life.

    Justice does not equate to death row. We need to change our collective energies away from death and destruction, and that begins with the death penalty. We need a more compassionate approach to change the reality that surrounds us. Let’s think of life. And how we can help the misquided and pathetic who live among us, and not just kill them all off, or bury them in legalized slave labor.

  8. Brandon Jimenez says:

    I believe they will get a visit from karma. Nothing done bad will go without punishment, but do you think the punishment recieved will equate to what they have done wrong. I sure dont think so. If you kill someone do you think it would be fair to get, say, 50 years? Not really.

  9. Stolen Boy says:

    All we have to do is take a look at the world around us and realize we’re in need of change. Big change.

    And we will all recognize that the change comes from within. Change both individually and collectively. But we need to do it individually first. We need to clear ourselves of all the pain and negativity and when we learn to do this, we won’t want to see pain inflicted upon others. For any purpose. This is the course of our evolution, and we need to start recognizing this. Worry about yourself. Make the change from within.

  10. Phae says:

    I am 100% for the death penalty. It is one thing to kill in self defense, but another completely different thing to kill in cold blood. What these guys did was cold blood. They killed a friend, someone they grew up with and knew since they were little kids. These guys deserve the same fate as they gave to Nick.

  11. Robin Huffman says:

    Any new updates on Jesse James Hollywood? Or any of the others that were involved?

  12. Stolen Boy says:

    The latest that I can talk about is what I wrote after the October 4th court appearance. But this case is always evolving, and new things will be coming out soon. I think one of the things that could be most interesting is the fact Susan Markowitz is writing a book about her fallen son, Nicholas. I very much look forward to reading the book. And I wonder what she will have to say on her son’s behalf. And when will the book be released? Will it somehow affect the trial? Or will it be released after the trial has been completed? And could it also possibly have any affect on any potential appellate process? These are some of the many interesting questions that remain unanswered.

  13. michael says:

    I hate to repeat what so many others have already said but WHY do they deserve anything??? I will never understand it. They didn’t show any mercy or understanding or compassion in fact sometimes they show the opposite of that. The only reason I don’t believe in the death penalty is because it’s an easy way out. The rapists, murderers, and pedophiles, just take them away. Put them on another planet for all I care, just keep them away from our mothers and sisters and children and family members. The “justice” system works for a few but for the majority of these pigs? Put them in a hole, with a clay aiken cd and let them rot to death. They don’t deserve any sympathy. Not even a little bit.

  14. matt negus says:

    Jesse James Hollywood was set up with a gun to his head by Ben Markowitz.

    Sorry Ben I had to do it man…

  15. George says:

    Execute all of them at once so Death Row can be filled with the succeeding population of sub-human scum.

  16. Stolen Boy says:

    That’s really one of the more hateful, egotistical, unevolved comments I’ve ever seen. How can you judge, so heartlessly, other souls you’ve never met, and wish them the ultimate harm? How do you avoid similar judgments about yourself? I feel sorry for you and all the hatred you espouse. Humans who commit wrongful, ignorant acts demand our compassion and understanding, not judgements and hatred.

  17. They murder death row inmates, not kill them. There is a difference. The issue is law and morality. The positive law is supposed to mirror the natural law. The natural law is to be uncovered through philosphy. Many people with little or no philisophical training are merely espousing their personal feelings with little or no accuracy or contact with the truth.

    If you wanted to be fair about death row, give the death row inmate a chance to defend themself.

  18. SkyPry says:

    I’m not 100% sure if I am for the death penalty or not. Both sides of the argument have valid points. But I find it hard to beleive that anyone would want another human being out on the streets after serving 50 years for the murder of say, there 5-year-old daughter or 3-year-old son. I beleive that there are individuals out there that are incapable of being rehabilitated and must be punished. I firmly beleive that if you are a child pedifile or a murderer, outside of self defence, that you have lost your rights as an American citizen and are not worthy to live outside bars, and I would gladly pay my share of taxes so that these types of people would see to stricter and longer punishments.

  19. john lover says:

    stolen boy i wonder how much time in jail u have done…i wonder if u know how humans can adapt…i have spent many years in jail..i have slept next to ppl who have killed other ppl, i have slept next to men who raped and beaten women, broken into other ppl’s house and stolen from them, and i do believe ppl can change..and feel sorry for what they have done…but if i had to bet everything i my life on it..i would bet most only feel bad or remorseful because they were caught…and even then they feel like they didnt have a choice..and maybe they didnt…maybe the way they think wouldnt allow them any other choice…i think before you preach puppy dogs and rainbows and changing the world by not putting the fear of death into the hearts of men and women who take life merely to keep themselves from being found out…or even just to do it..maybe someone wants your watch and they think no one else is should be forced to sleep next to these men.. day in day out for years…and i think you would see that there are those situations where the death penelty is needed..and not just for the eye for an eye mentality…but for check and balance…this young man seemed to have lost his life because some men were in fear of life in prison…they should have known they were going to have to pay with their lives for taking his….without that fear without the cause and effect i tell you this.. cali would make new orleans after katrina look like summer camp…the murder rate would sky rocket…after awhile jail isnt so bad..after u get set in your ways u begin to need those walls..u depend on them..these men will find moments of happines in those walls if allowed to live…they will find fights to get into..and find pride agian..the same pride that put them in there…and at this point im not sure if they deserve any…i do not hate jesse jame hollywood nor do i hate ryan hoyt..but i do believe its time for them to pay for the life they cold blood..not defending themselves from an attack.. a situation u described as ” should a person be put to death if they defended themselves from attacker in their home” i think a jury of 12 would tax such a stiff penality on such a situation..unless u invited that person into your home…and killed them without them putting up a fight..u trapped them in ur home and killed them…then sir …yes u need to pay for your crime…and not by being taken care of as a ward of the state for the rest of your life…i guess my point is..the person doing the killing should always know in the back of his or her mind that if i murder someone in cold blood..and im caught doing so and found guilty by 12 ppl..then yes i should expect to die..i would…wish this wouldnt have happened to that boy..but it did…another wish..i wish if it had to happen that it would haved happened in texas…where we wouldnt even being descusing this…i was sad to come across this post…after seeing the movie and reading up on the case…im very sad to hear that a man that could tie up a 15 year old boys hands and mouth with duck tape..and take a gun..raise it…and pull the trigger..ending the young mans life after hearing him plee for his life…is now going to live out his life…makes me sick hearing it..typing it..i say set hoyt free and give him a house next to yours…better put ur watch away mr stolen boy..or u might became mr cold to the touch boy..but hey keep selling rainbows.. puppy dogs..and ice cream cones while the rest of keep grounded in the real world.

  20. john lover says:

    sorry a typo i think a jury wouldnt tax such a stiff penality..i put would..sorry its late and im sleepy

  21. john lover says:

    and stolen boy 2…u want to give ryan hoyt a fighting chance…lol…tell that face to face to that kid nick..tied up..and shot..and put in the ground…yeah hoyt deserves a fighting chance..put him in a cage with ken shamrock…tell shamy no tap outs..this is for life or death..let ken read the trail transcript see the pics of the boy’s body…lol..that dude would be praying for a lethal injection after ten mins…hoyt would tell u to shut ur big yapper and that he is sorry for what he did

  22. WarScholar says:

    * I am not here to be radical nor an “angelic” being that will offer solitude and/or perception to an over populated ant hill exponentially eating it self alive. *

    ahem, first of all, everyone needs to step back and send a few neurons to the inactive parts of the brain.

    Their is a serious amount of amnesia in this country about living, history and survival of the human organism.

    Before the “soul” searching begins, we need to understand that we are not solving any problems by being sensitive about our “feelings”. Their isn’t anyone to blame but ourselves for not protecting the lives and legacies conceived prior to this failure and many failures alike. We are complicating the issue on purpose to justify the pathetic failures to extend the life of a legacy.

    Do we think about the future of our race and heritage?
    How valuable are we if we leave nothing behind but the legacies that are buried by the thieves whom take freely the lives that are given ..

    DONOT spoon feed the pigs of peasantry that undoubtably destroy the future existence of your legacy.
    Check your weakness at the door before breeding cowardice and philosophy to conceive ignorance and peasantry.

    Forgiveness is not reality, it is an excuse in the form of a potato chip nicely packaged to feed the bloated contentment that keeps us sleeping at night.
    I don’t have time to be “ashamed” of our society due to lack of discipline therefrom.

    I may sound aggressive, but you have the instincts to kill a bear for trying to eat your child while still failing to recognize the bear prints prior to the bleeding sleeping bag.

    Beyond the innocence of a loss, it is still important to take responsibility for cleaning up the mess that is left behind.

    This includes taking out the trash.

  23. Jp says:

    kill those d-bags already.

  24. Ulysses says:

    The capital punishment does work, we just do not use it right. If we know they are quilty by DNA and the own word saying “I did it” Then those people are put to death. I do not care if they feel pain or not. They are not going to feel it for long. If they do not want their case appealed then do not do it and just kill these rotten little kywags. If we did this our tax dollars wold not be drain and guess what least people would either stop committing these crimes. If not then we would keep the population down. I am good with the results either way. If not then let those who oppose the Death Pentaly pay the price for the convicts who stay in prison for the rest their lives. I would psy to kill them they pay to keep them alive. Then lets see who really wants to get rid of the Death Pentaly.

  25. i dont care if jesse’s wrong or right.we shouldint stoop 2 hoyts level and kill somone.anyway,what EXACT PROOF does anyone but hollywood have?if u ask me,the court should just give up already….theres nothing left!!!

  26. scott halterman says:

    ryan hoyt jesse hollywood should be duck taed and shot with a tech -9 there not human there animals and they should die lke animals then justice will be served

  27. Tara says:

    Why should these murderers be given a chance to get out of prison? I am in TOTAL agreement with Richard. I don’t care if they were “young” and “stupid”…no matter how young and stupid you are you have a CHOICE! A choice to make good or bad decisions!

  28. Alan Carter says:

    I’m curious Stolen Boy how you can compare apples to oranges in respect to the death penalty? Comparing self defense for your family to the brutal killing of a 15 year old is utterly ridiculous,how do you even parallel such a comparison?

    I’m always amazed by the “compassion for death row inmates” crap. They show no compassion or emotion 9/10 times for any of their victims & you preach that we must show love & understanding & not judge their poor souls? Why?

    So we can wait for your imaginary toy God to pass judgment? For starters there isn’t a shred of evidence for any judge other than society & certainly no evidence for a “soul” of any kind,so spare the gallery the religious,metaphysical nonsense,we use our brains to think not a “soul” of any kind.

    Do you actually think that Ryan Hoyt is going to ever produce anything of redeeming value in the remainder of his life? Hard labor? Prisoners get free room & board,access to libraries,cable t.v. & a ton of other contraband & they’re given 3 square & a roof? That’s the hard prison life you speak of? Loss of freedom alone doesn’t constitute harsh punishment for the crimes these men & women commit.

    Let’s stop wasting our tax dollars on keeping worthless pieces of sh*t like Ryan Hoyt alive for the next 10+ years on death row & execute them within 2 years. We could then use tax dollars on something more useful like perhaps upgrading the

    CDC budget to combat things like swine flu.The 60’s are over,the bums lost the revolution. Compassion & love are for those who live & abide in a society under the laws of said society.

    And for Stolen Boy 2; let’s talk about your ideas on philosophy after your “child” is ever murdered,raped,tortured, etc… let us then discuss the tenants of moral law or natural law or whatever other branch of philosophical ideas you feel up to talking about,AFTER identifying your child’s body.

    For staters

  29. Peter says:

    So “Good news” for Ryan Hoyt?
    Does this “good news” make you happy Stolen Boy?
    Tell that to the murdered victims family have you? No that is too hard. Typical for the anti-death penalty crowd – you’ll never see them holding a vigil in front of the house of a murdered victims family, only in front of the prisons when the murderer’s appeals run out.
    So what then would be great news regarding this monster murderer to bleeding heart liberals like yourself? I am curious.

    The passion from folks like you who believe in keeping murderers alive I find beyond contempt.
    Concluding then that bad news to your ilk (like this evil scumbag’s Hoyt’s execution) can only be construed as music to the ears of society’s decent.

  30. Tahitia.dean@gmail.c says:

    Hello to all,

    i took the time to read all of your comments. Please, oblige me.

    This is my first time, evvvvveeeerr, writing or responding to a dialogue in a forum such as this. What I lack in prose, I make up for in passion.

    I am neither a liberal or a conservative, republican or democrat. I have never voted on anything in this country in my life.

    For some reason, I have done some research on Hollywood and the death of this 15 year old. I also admittedly watched the movie.

    Life in prison, is life in prison. The amount of mental, emotional, horrific physical abuse that prisoners are subjected to is beyond your imaginations and far beyond what is perceived in movies. It is a system that runs completely on the destruction and demise of the people within, and is has been socially permissable to facilitate such facilities. My worst nightmare is life in prison, what could be worse? Death? Hardly.

    Who is any one of us to judge whether or not someone gets to live or die, when none of us is remotely responsible for ever creating what we know as life in the first place? This one small planet Earth, held within one of maybe a million galaxies, we can truly have no concept of what the choices here to do us a specie, and as race.

    What has happened to be the change you want to see in the world? The problem with supporting killing of any kind, whether it be patriotic, for the “protection” of our country,
    whether it be pro death penalty,
    pro abortion
    self defense

    is that there is no way to clearly draw the line in the sand as to what is abuse vs. punishment and what is the meaning of one single life as suppose to one more death.

    I think we can all agree, what these guys did to this 15 year old boy is beyond comprehension, and appears completely void everything we know and understand about what and how value is placed on human life. It is unspeakable horror. My heart goes out to this boys Mother, a woman I do not know but feel for from miles and miles away from an unseen place, deep from within my heart and feel is my soul, and I understand with complete compassion and empathy her pain. No one on earth should go through this, let alone the people innocently witnesses and have their energy stripped for the rest of their lives.

    These murderers do not get away with anything just because they did not get executed. The destruction of very life they have ever touched since birth, the constant fear of rape, forced fighting and sheer torture spiritually and mentally every night their cell door closes, must be cause for them to be beyond the realm of what they imagined hell could be.

    Death comes to us all, life in prison comes to people convicted of crime. We who have not made such choices cannot substitute good choices with hateful thoughts towards any human life of any kind, even when they deserve it. All actions start with…..thought.

    Dont damage your soul with any energy that harbors, hate , punishment, it only tortures you in the end as it will these young murderers doing life.

    Be well


  31. Stolen Boy says:

    Thank you so much. Your words of wisdom fill the universal ear, and no response is necessary. You have said it all – and very well. Peace and Blessings in all you do to make this world a more loving place….

  32. me says:

    Stolen boy,

    i think you need to define the difference between killing and murder. when our soldiers go to combat they have to kill or be killed, that does not make them murders. if a person has to kill to protect their family, self, or country in a life threatening situation i believe most people would pull the trigger. would that make you a murderer? no. what these men did, premeditated killing, is murder. killing a person with no remorse. the had pre-dug the hole to bury the body which meant this was a plan to execute the boy “nick”. that is murder in cold blood.

    as a taxpayer and veteran of this country i am tired and grow weary of the ” feel sorrow for prisoners” attitude in this country. DNA proven cases and the simple confession cases like John joubert where it took 12 years to execute him are locked cases for death penalty. for 12 years we paid to keep a cold blooded child rapist and killer alive. there is no justice in that. those boys did not get 12 years of being kept alive, neither should he.
    if you believe in evolution then you can simply believe survival of the fittest. those people are just animals anyway right? if you believe in God the you would know that it is by God’s law that was passed down to man to govern ourselves and death penalty is legal…in some states. after death then we have to face God for our injustice on this world. God can see in your heart to see if you truly are repentant for your actions so let God decide. if you dont believe in God then you dont have anything to worry about anyway…now do you?
    the death penalty is there for a purpose so lets use it more often and a hell of a lot faster than when it does happen. criminals in this country have more rights than the good honest people trying to make a living and raise their family. it is the backwards thinking of people that criminals have rights. they lost it the day THEY MADE THE DESCION to commit a crime as horrible as pre-meditated murder. as for the people that asks us ” what gives us the right to take a life of someone that murdered and is on death row?” We get the right granted by God, through our court systems and pointed officials of the majority people’s vote in this country.

  33. richard rodriguez says:

    i think the ppl who are against death pen. should all get together and let them bastards pay for the three meals the death row inmates get and the cost of taking care of them and all that . since they want to keep them alive . ryan, jesse and the rest need to get a good butt kicking then put to death!!!!!!!

  34. Mat M says:

    First degree murder with intent should carry a sentance of death. Period. That’s what we’re talking about here – not soldiers and not protection of loved ones. First degree murder. With intent. In England you can commit the above and get a life sentance which will last 14 years. On good behaviour you can be out in less than 10. Almost 40% of murders in England are committed by repeat offenders. Yes thats right – the country in which i live is ridiculous to its core. Don’t tell me that somebody who intends to, and kills another doesn’t deserve the death penalty. Because they’re no good for anything else.

  35. brad says:

    cold blooded murderers deserve no second chances or compassion as they gave none to their victims. i was very disappointed that hollywood got life……he ordered the killing therefore should be on death row also

  36. Steven Crauwels says:


    I’m a teacher from Belgium, Europe. Being a giant movie lover, a couple of years ago, I saw “Alpha Dog”, based on the Jesse James Hollywood (what’s in a name?) case.

    Ever since, I’ve made it part of my course because of its strength and in-depth characterization of youngsters in America.

    My students, aged 14-18, love the movie and the course as well as entertaining (it’s a brilliant movie) as learning something (society, drugs, alcohol, murder, morals,…)

    Because of the movie, we started an extensive search on the internet regarding the J J Hollywood case, which lead us also to this website.

    After discussing all the aspects of the case and reading everything there is on “stolen boy”, we noticed that everything you read is always about “death sentence or not”, like there’s no other discussion or solution.

    We wonder why America is always thinking this way.

    Passing a death sentence is like giving a definitive solution for a problem that could have been solved long before reaching that verdict.

    If you look at the way these kids in “Alpha Dog” behave (drugs, alcohol, sex, no parental guiding, etc.), it’s not hard to understand things turn for the worst.

    I mean: throughout the whole “Alpha Dog” movie, the adults act like they are alone in this world, like not having children, too wrapped up in their own personnel life and pleasures.

    For instance Justine Timberlake’s dad (stoned, having sex with young girls), Hollywood’s dad (a criminal himself providing his own son drugs) or the mother dropping the kids off by the motel, like she doesn’t know what’s going to happen in a hotel room filled with hormones and testosteron…

    In this country (which also isn’t perfect, I admit), children go home after school. If they don’t, their parents know, because they check. And they check because they care. Not all of them, of course, but most of them.

    Regarding drugs, alcohol, sex, etc… schools provide extensive courses warning for all kinds of dangers, thereby preventing “extraordinary behavior”. It doesn’t always help, but in most cases it does.

    We also have laws who prohibit young people to buy alcohol and cigarettes. These laws are carried out with extreme caution and monitored by police and government.

    Above all that, we use common sense to reflect over our decisions in life.

    In no way, however, we think of America as a lesser country. We know its positive aspects and its fine people. We have great admiration for your arts, movies, architecture and your country as a whole.

    But think about it: Bush reelected (which all of us in Europe thought was impossible), the ongoing war in Iraq (for who, for what?, your penitentiary system (death sentences), racism for over two hundred years,…

    You have to be truly dumb not to see something is wrong with your beautiful country and its social and political system.

    Look at what Obama tries to do: general healthcare for the first time in twenty years. Who could be against that, one thinks… Apparently a lot of Americans are, which we can’t believe nor understand.

    There’s a killer in all of us, of course. You can get mad or want revenge or be just shit out of luck. But the Hoyts and Hollywoods of America are a different thing. Spoiled, brainwashed by God knows what (movies, games,…), on drugs,… These are things that can be prevented if everybody takes responsibility, for starters the parents and a caring government, providing in prevention rather than punishment.

    I know, I know, it’s easy for me to say… But unless American leaders and adults start thinking differently, more and more J J hollywoods and Hoyts will rise and put their mark on your country…


  37. Luis says:

    i belive in the death penalty too i live in puerto rico and we are the shortest territorial in america and we are a colony of U.S. but we got the highest murder rates every day here 10 people are brutally murdered every single day and we dont have the death penalty but we are trying to get it and let me ask ,and let me ask brandon jimenez something,u were talking about your 5 years old daughter if someone like u said rape and kill your daughter and u couldnt get him and the police arrest him would you like them to let him liveeeee ??????? and i dont belive you if your answer is yes,be honest…W

  38. qwkinuf says:

    There are many claims to why the death penalty should be abolished. Most are without merit. here are some of them.

    The argument which states that the death penalty does not deter murder is weakly grounded at best. Dismissing capital punishment on that basis requires us to eliminate all prisons as well because they do not seem to be any more effective in the deterrence of crime.

    Another claim proposes that States which do have the death penalty have higher crime rates than those that don’t, that a more severe punishment only inspires more severe crimes. The truth is that every State in the Union is different. These differences include the populations, number of cities, and yes, the crime rates. Strongly urbanized states are more likely to have higher crime rates than states that are more rural, such as those that lack capital punishment. The states that have capital punishment are compelled to have it due to their higher crime rates, not the other way around.

    Death Penalty opponents also hold the notion that criminals do not fear death because they do not take time to think about the consequences of their acts. If that were true, then how do police officers manage to arrest criminals without killing them. When a policeman holds a criminal at gunpoint and tells him to get on the ground, the criminal will comply fully in the vast majority of of these cases. Why would they do so unless they were afraid of the lethal power of the gun? It is because regardless of what the opponents claim, criminals are not immune to fear. It is a common misconception to believe that fear is a thought process that has to be worked out with a piece of paper. It’s not. It is an instinct that automatically kicks in when one is faced with lethal force.

    Another cliched argument is the question: “Why do we kill people to show that killing people is wrong?” That two wrongs do not make a right, therefore, executions are equivalent to murder. The term ‘murder’ is specifically defined in any dictionary as the UNLAWFUL killing of a person with malice and aforethought. So logically, the word murder cannot be used to describe executions since the death penalty is the law. To do so is an obvious abuse of semantics. Second of all, comparing executions to murders is like comparing incarcerating people to kidnapping. There is a difference between violent crime and punishment. Is there a contradiction in a policeman speeding after a speeder to enforce speeding laws? One displays a serious lack of moral judgment to believe that just because two practices share a physical similarity means that they are morally identical. Law enforcement officials act well within the law when they punish criminals whether it be by charging fines, incarcerating them, or conducting executions, thereby, defending public safety.

    What separates crime from punishment, good from evil are not their physical aspects but rather their moral aspects. And moral aspects examine the reasons and motivations behind one’s actions. Abolitionists tend to focus on the death penalty’s physical aspects to demonstrate that it is the same as murder while completely ignoring its moral aspects involved, therefore, demonstrating their total lack of moral coherence.

    Still another cliched argument used is that we should value ALL human life, even the most violent and despicable ones. That philosophy indicates that there is nothing more to humanity than the physical traits that identify our species. There is an entire spiritual aspect to humanity that they tend to completely ignore. Anybody can be physically human. All that is, is an accident of genetics. It is the spiritual aspects of humanity that actually define who and what we are. Moral assessments are based on one’s acts and character, not on his race or species, the latter which death penalty opponents often use as an excuse to canonize murderers. Allowing one’s species to hold more weight than his character is the foundation of racism. When a culture develops the moral coherence to recognize humanity as more a spiritual thing than just some physical thing, they will have no excuse to allow, tolerate, or preserve evil and barbarism just because it hides inside a physical human shell.

    Personally, I think death penalty opponents have a lot of gall claiming that they are motivated by their “reverence for human life” when the only people they are interested in preserving are those who display the least of it…the very least reverence for human life.

    And a final and perhaps most sophomoric cliched argument is that executing a murderer won’t bring back his victim. They never explain how putting murderers in prison is any more capable of such a miracle. That is not the point of executions and it never was. Justice is not about bringing back the dead nor it it about revenge. Justice is about enforcing consequences for one’s own actions to endorse personal responsibility. We cannot expect anyone to take responsibility for their own actions if these consequences are not enforced in full.

  39. Ken says:

    The death penalty is not a state sanctioned murder; it is justice being served to those who deserve the death penalty. While there are law abiding citizens not having a place to call home, or food to eat or clothes to wear, people in prison have no such worries. Everything needed to live is provided to prisoners and funded by the law abiding citizen tax payer. What’s worse is when a murderer gets life in prison and the victim’s family and friends are essentially feeding the murderer of their loved one whenever they pay taxes. Nice. We put bad dogs down when they bite people; let’s put bad people down the same way.

  40. Luke says:

    The Belgian has decent grounding for his analysis, but he doesn’t understand the “why” that explains why we Americans act as we do. No animosity intended, if you are curious to hear some inut (granted, if you have email notifications on :P ), just respond and I’ll elaborate.

  41. Joyce says:

    would like to know what Ryan,s IQ is….
    He and John Lotter have to be the moststupid people on the earth!!!!!

  42. Kenny says:

    I don’t support the death penalty per se but I can’t say that I will be the least bit upset about a loser like Ryan Hoyt being poisoned while strapped to a bed. Hoyt could stay in prison the rest of his life or be killed, I won’t lose any sleep; at least we know for sure he is guilty.

  43. Kill R says:

    The death penalty is a big a drain on the tax payer as a life’s worth of imprisonment. America is still a relatively new country, we could take a page from China and stop giving these guys years to appeal their death sentence (which each of us is sentenced to anyhow whether we like it or not) and put a bullet in the back of their head, no last bowl of rice, no saying good bye, no last words…

    The cruelest part of the death penalty is the waiting. It’s cruel to the prisoner and to the families of the victims who desire justice to be done.

    Just fry Ryan Hoyt already. I had a troubled youth too but don’t use it as an excuse for my behavior.

  44. Kill R says:

    Ryan Hoyt deserves as much mercy as he showed Nick Markowitz. Let him feel himself be strapped to the table, let him watch the IV needle enter his vein, knowing that the fluid at the other end of the tube is going to end his life.

    Then, just for kicks, let the “override” phone ring so that he thinks that he’s getting a reprieve. Give him that glimmer of hope for a few moments before hitting him in the head with a shovel and finishing the job on him. Let him feel the fear. May his last moments on Earth be painful ones, and may God and Nick judge him when he leaves this life.

  45. Jack Speirs says:

    It is not right. These guys might be evil but they made a biggest mistake that they didn’t realise kidnapping for random would get you for Life in prison or Death Row. Why? Because these guys was only ask their money back, of course drugs is dangerous things but i ask you what if law don’t say kidnapping for random for life in prison or death row. That young boy would be go home safety and lives for other days.

    Our britain’s laws say kidnapping for random would land you in 7 to maximum 10 years in prison.

    America’s Law are pure joke, kidnapping 1 person land you in prison for life? pure not right

    and kill a person go on death row? that is not right.

    Kidnapping 2 or more people, that should be maxi 20 years in prisons.

    Kill 2 or more people, That defo death row.

  46. MatthewC says:

    The people who committed these crimes made a choice. They made the choice to murder an innocent human being that had a whole life in front of him. It wasn’t the victims choice to be murdered. I am a peaceful man but the people who were involved in this should endure the pain, the anguish and the consequence of their actions. Only God can judge us right? Well I feel sorry for these heartless people when their time comes. They sit in a jail cell and get to relive, remember and stew over what they did. They need to suffer like they made that poor innocent kid suffer. I’m sure they are living in hell everyday, but one day when the time comes either by natural death or the death penalty they can really see what hell feels like. May God have mercy on their souls. Because mercy is thet one thing they didn’t show Nicholas Markowitz.

  47. shanny says:

    K so I have taken the time to read all the comments, and yes everyone has points, opinions. And here’s mine.I have a 15 and 10 yr old, and if someone or someones come into my home to harm them my self or anyone in my family it is my constitutional right to shoot, I personally would aim to not tto kill but that is me. As for comparing soldiers fighting for OUR freedom u cannot compare, if it isnot for our. soldiers all us wouldnot have this freedom to say what we feel. Children now a days do get away with murder. My family and I deal with the law eveyday because my sisters. Daughters father decided to take someones life my a gun its bs do I think he should be on deathrow HELL yeah, but for my niece who is ashamed and scared she will grow up to be like him ios challenging and sadens me. Nicholas did not deserve this and to compare our soldiers to disguisting pigs like ryan and jesse james makes me think what is this country coming to kill em and let god sort them ouut because for me. I will hurt or oif I have to kill for my children. And family. Nicholas is the victim but his family is to. Ben F/U, but he didn’t go after jesse or ryans family. N as for jesses father he should be doing time also he has admitted. To helping his son flee. To my opinion he is just as guilty. Thank you n sorry some think its okay to pay for a criminal not me if my son F/U. I love him but he dod the crime. And it does sadden me to say that but be true to yourself.

  48. tausha benedict says:

    Everyone should agree we should not have to pay to house and feed this loser!!!!!….he didn’t care about the life he took. Don’t really care what the reasonings are for CA to abolish….but hopefully it is after his death.

  49. jenny says:

    Jessie james should get as much penalty as Ryan Hoyt. I feel they should both be in prison for life. At liest they wernt found innocent like OJ and Casey Anthony. LIfe in prison would be worse than the death penalty i feel. I am not opposed to the death penalty but I feel like life in prison would be a living hell. Then they can die and then go to hell. These guys made him feel like part of the group like he wasnt being kidnapped and they wernt going to kill him. Until Jessie got scared of prison he made the choice to have an innocent boy killed.

  50. Edward C. Stengel says:

    I’m against the death penalty but probably for a different reason that most people. I don’t mind seeing murders get executed, but to see these condemned men spend 25 years in prison before the sentence is carried out makes the death penalty cruel and unusual punishment for everybody – the condemned and the family and friends of both the victims and the condemned. It’s a joke that’s not funny.

  51. Ben says:

    I think they should just be forced to stay in prison. Trust me; there is no worse place than the state penitentiary.

  52. Tami says:

    Yeah, I can see where some FOOLS would think it just fine for a CRIMINAL to mete out the death penalty on an INNOCENT person, in this case a CHILD, yet think it outrageous that the state take the CRIMINAL CHILD KILLERS LIFE! This is because FOOLS, are just that, FOOLS. I say KILL THIS TURD and spare us of EVER hearing about him again! :)

  53. Tami says:

    @Edward C. Stengle: Are you SERIOUS? Cruel and unusual? Have you EVER seen a human being get shot and KNOW that they are going to be shot and will probably die? I HAVE! Do you HONESTLY THINK that death row inmates aren’t grateful for every day that they get to live? Go look up the last statements in states where they have the death penalty and see how angry they are at being put to death. See the whining. WHY do you people think that CRIMINALS, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO MURDER CHILDREN, shouldn’t get the same death sentence? Do you BLEEDING HEARTS EVER actually stop to THINK about what CRUEL and UNUSUAL deaths their VICTIMS went through? Or are you to afraid to THINK? You people disgust me.

  54. edward c. stengel says:

    Tami, are you as naive as you sound. Let me educate to the reality of the death penalty in the good old USA. There is only 1 state that takes it seriously, and it’s not Texas. Yes, Texas leads the USA in number of executions, but it usually takes over 15 years to carry out the sentence, and less than 1/2 of Texas death row inmates ever get executed. The only state that takes it seriously is Virginia, where 73% of its inmates are executed, and the average time they spend on death row is 7 years. The national average is 14 years. In New York, where the death row is packed with nearly 1,000 inmates, they’ve only 1 executed 1 person since 1963; and in California, the situation is not a whole lot different. In Connecticut, the odds of a condemned man getting executed is 8/10 of 1%. It’s a joke. Just google “Virginia Death Row/Information Center” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. In many states, the old advantage of the proseutors to get the criminal to confess to his crime to avoid the death penalty doesn’t work anymore because the condemned know the odds are they’ll either die of old age or get their sentences commuted to life without parole. If you want to see a really pitiful example of how the state just lets these men stay on death row indefinitely, just check out “Gary Alvord”, who’s been on death row in Florida for 38 years – since 1974. Let me tell you what this sweetie pie did – he murdered 3 generations of 1 family – gramma, mama, and daughter. And they’re keeping this guy around like they’re trying to set a world record. Like I say, the death penalty in the United States in every state except Virginia is a joke that isn’t funny.

  55. Jeff says:

    There are those who have suffered great tragedy and found forgiveness. Amazing souls.. and I too would hope I could do it if I had to. I’m against the death penalty. Wanting to take the life of another does nothing but harbor more resentment in the heart. I’d rather live in a world of those puppy dogs and rainbows that someone above talked about. Keep up the good work, stolenboy.

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